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Mom and Jim arrived mid-week and have been soaking up as much sun as possible while they are here. We have quickly oriented them on the lay of the land, lack of schedule or plan and general laziness of vacation. They’ve caught on quickly.

Sadly, for their first day here I spent most of it inside nursing poor little Madeline. It wouldn’t be a family vacation if someone didn’t get sick and unfortunately this time it was little Mads. She spent the day in bed, mostly all alone (at her request) attempting to rest between bouts of sick. The boys still had a great first day on the golf course – even if the round took 6.5 hours. Nora and Mom spent the day poolside.

Lucky for everyone, kids bounce back quickly and by the next morning she was more or less back to herself. The boys headed back to the links for another extraordinarily long round while the girls spent the afternoon at the beach. We all met up for dinner, eventually, before calling it an early night.

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Monday evening marked the halfway point of our trip. So far we have spent two weeks just being. There’s no agenda here, no plan to the day. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. And it’s exactly what we need.

The weather has just been marvellous. Each day we wake up to sunshine, a few clouds a nice breeze and every once in a while a brief rain shower.

We slowly start each day. The kids often have school work to do. Jacob and I catch up on emails over coffee. There’s almost always a quick dip in the pool or on the rare morning I nip down to the beach for an early morning walk. The afternoons are much the same. We head to the beach, lounge by the pool or play at the resort.

Jacob and Charlie have played a couple rounds of golf. Or rather Jacob has and Charlie plays caddy and chugs free Fanta from the drink cart. The girls and I have made many sand sculptures on the beach.

Our house here is absolute perfection. It’s enormous. Enough space for us all to have some alone time. Gorgeous grounds for us to hang out in.

This is definitely a different vacation for us. We have never just stayed in a single spot for our whole trip. I don’t know if we will necessarily do it again but after skipping a year and all the ups and downs of the last two years this is heaven.

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This has been a fairly laid back week. Jacob managed to get an infection in his eye and now spends his days wearing his sunglasses in the dark bedroom. He does come out at night. Sunglasses are included. With the help of tele-health and JoJo we should have him on the mend. He’s less than thrilled with the lack of golf and outside time.

The kids continue to spend their evenings on stage. Nora believes the show actually *needs* her. It’s awful sweet.

We had a few great afternoons at the beach. Nora and I snuck out for a walk just the two of us one afternoon. Another day I took the kids down – just like summer at home. The girls discovered that the sand here is easy to mold and had a great time.

We also came down the other evening to a spider the size of a pot light. So. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows! Luckily though, for me, bugs fall squarely on Jacobs list of responsibilities and he took care of. I’d probably still take the spider over the cold and snow.

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