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Earlier in the week the kids and I sat down and planned out what we wanted to do while we were in Fuerteventura. The kids wanted to go to a few more days at Kids Club, play mini-golf and have another round at the water park. I wanted to take the bus in to town and explore the beach. We all decided that today would be that day.

Unfortunately the resort we are staying at is kind of at the end of the island. We are quite secluded out here. They do offer a twice daily bus shuttle into Lajares, the nearest town and then Carrelejo and the beach. I cannot miss up an opportunity to spend some time near the water on a sunny day so we set off, and I will say, this beach did not disappoint.

There is just something so soothing for me to be back on a beach. Particularly one as big as this with room to spread out. We didn’t have all our gear so we couldn’t set up for the kind of day we are used to, but we made the best of it. I made myself a sand chair and read for a bit. Charlie settled in and read as well. The girls made themselves right at home and built sand sculptures, buried each other and played in the waves. There will always be something magical about a beach to me. Nothing makes me appreciate our adventures more than being seaside. It instantly calms me and fills me with gratitude.

After a couple of hours at the beach it was time for lunch. We grabbed a cab into the city to check out the smaller beach and its beachside restaurants. I love grabbing a drink and a bite to eat while sitting in the sand, watching the people and listening to the water. We had a decent meal and headed to catch the bus back to the hotel. It was a really great day, probably my favourite of the trip so far. The only thing missing was Jacob.

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We spent all of Wednesday traveling from York to Fuerteventura – between an Uber, a 4 hour flight and a 3 hour bus transfer we were pretty tired by the time we made it to our resort. We got ourselves fed and into bed to get ready for our first day of sunshine.

It always takes a day or two to get your bearings at one of these types of resorts. You need time to figure out where everything is, what time everything opens, and what the best cocktail is. First up on the list of things to sort was the waterpark. It’s half term in England right now so this place is overrun with children. This is very clearly a family centred resort as most of the activities seem to cater to young families.

The kids had a great morning, even if it was as a bit chilly. They all got their fill of the water park and made friends with Adam’s cousin Kirsty’s kids. It clouded over in the afternoon and became even cooler so we headed to the park for the afternoon. Everyone was still quite testy after the travel day so my attempt to sit poolside playing cards ended in dramatic fashion and we packed up and headed home for the day.

Thankfully before we headed home we found out about the free kids club. It runs every day from 10-1230 and 3-5 and they have different activities on each day. Our kids are built for a kids club. They love meeting new people, they love structured activities and they love enthusiastic adults, this club hit all three. The first day the activity for both the morning and afternoon session was creating and rehearsing a kids talent show. Nora could not have been more excited. Although, I was a close second.

After a full day of honing their crafts we got the girls hair show ready and headed for dinner. The kids show did not start until 9:30 but everyone needed to be there for 9:00 for costumes and makeup. These people are not fooling around. The kids all did a fabulous job – Charlie performed a magic trick as Olympus, the girls did a dance and gymnastics routine and everyone was pleased with their performance.

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