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It’s the weekend! Truthfully the days of the week matter very little to us right now but the weekend does mean that all of our friends are free to kuier!

Friday we took the kids to Weltevreden to the “trampoline park”. This has been at the top of Charlie’s list since we told him we were coming back to SA. The weather was a bit cooler (28 instead of 38) so we decided to take advantage and head out.

This place is amazing. The kids have the greatest time – not surprisingly since there are two huge playgrounds, a race track with bikes and cars (complete with speed bumps and roundabouts), two trampolines and a sand pit. Plus you get to make your own pizza and there’s a slushie machine. Jacob and I also had the greatest time since there’s wine, nachos, coffee and a place to sit where you can watch the kids.

We ended tbe day hosting Abri and his partner as well as Anlia and her new hubby for dinner. It was great getting to see Anlia again as we haven’t seen her since Korea.

We spent Saturday lazing around at the cottage and brunching at Doodles before heading to Janelie’s place for a braai.

Janelie just moved into a new place right on the beach in Melkbosstrand and the view couldn’t be more perfect. We eventually got two of the three kids to fall asleep and enjoyed some time with friends. Madeline somehow managed to stay awake until we ate (at 11 😂).

Today we headed to Warwick Wine Estate. This wine estate made every single “wine farms with kids” google result I read and it did not disappoint. The grounds are gorgeous. They have this beautiful lawn where if we had had our act together we could have booked an umbrella bean bag chairs and a picnic. Instead we scored the perfect table between the play structure and the water feature turned kiddie pool.

The kids had an absolute blast running around in their underwear, splashing in the “pool” and climbing the beautiful wooden playground. We had fun eating and drinking. Seriously guys I’m going to have to buy bigger pants to fly home in.

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Today we traveled from JNB to Windhoek, Namibia. The kids did fantastic on this flight – let’s hope they’re getting the hang of it. Charlie fell asleep before we got in the air and we woke him after landing.


We arrived at our guesthouse, took a quick swim. Both of the kids are part fish. C stays in the water until he turns purple and M is just as enthusiastic.

We headed to Joe’s Beerhouse for supper where Jacob and I had a sampler of Springbok, Oryx, Zebra, Crocodile and Kudu. I don’t recommend the Zebra.


Off to the desert tomorrow!

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Day 2 of transit. Phew. We are on the plane to Johannesburg. All of us. Barely. Charlie is starting to feel the effects of being out of routine. I’m tired. Jacob is sick. Madeline is perfect. 1 out of 4 isn’t bad. Right?

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