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Well here we go again. We’ve certainly been on many adventures (Mexico, New Orleans, Malta+ Euro road trip, and a couple of South African visits) since this was last updated but I felt it was time to start recording it again. Mostly because I have mom-brain and forget everything.

We head out tomorrow morning for South Africa and Namibia. We will be gone just over 5 weeks. That should be just long enough to skip winter. Right Mother Nature?

This is M’s first big adventure. C is basically a pro now with this being his third. So far he’s been a rockstar traveler. Let’s hope he keeps it up and that his sis can live up to the high standards.

We have our bags packed. And boy do we have bags.

Why is it that such tiny humans need such big things? Jacob and I used to get by with a backpack each. Ha! Our carry ons are bigger now.

To be fair those two big bags are car seats. So I feel like we are still doing rather well but man oh man it feels like I’ve been packing for days.

We won’t touch down for about another 48 hours. Here’s hoping all those bags arrive with us and our sanity does too.

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