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I have always wanted to go to England, and London specifically. I have no real reason for wanting to go, but it has always been on my bucket list, and surprisingly high on the list as well. We had less than 48 hours in the city, it was really just a stopover en route from Kenya to Iceland but we made the most of it.

Our first evening in the city, we joined one of the free tours. Jacob has already been to London, twice, so we wanted to try and do something a little different. We chose the Jack the Ripper tour. They walk you around the city describing what it would have looked like and pointing out different spots where either the bodies were found or places of interest in the story. We really enjoyed the tour, but nearly froze to death wandering around London in April – Nairobi had been cold at 25 Celsius.

The next day was jam packed hitting London’s highlights. We rode the London Eye first thing. Walked around parliament, and Westminster. We tried to walk past Buckingham palace but since we were there a week before the Royal Wedding the place was crazy. There were people and media lining the street, despite the wedding still being a week away.

We strolled through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens before making our way over to St. Paul’s, the Globe Theatre and London Bridge. We didn’t have time to go into any of the places (nor the funds) but it was still an exciting stop, for me anyway.

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